We never know when our time has come and we depart this world

It is unforgivable not to ensure your loved ones are cared for, so leave a message for your loved ones should you suddenly pass away. The stress and anguish they experience can be eased by a message from you.

Leaving a legacy provides an immeasurable comfort to the ones you leave behind.

Record video or Voicemail
Save documents
Store it securely
Legacy makes sure it is delivered

How does it work?

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Create your profile. You will be sent an email that allows you to then login.
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Select one of our products. You can select multiple products or more than one of the same product.
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Set the rules and procedures we must follow should you suddenly pass.
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Change any data, video or document any time you want.
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Make a payment with your Debit or Credit card through PayPal. You do not need a subscription to use PayPal.
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We then send you a monthly email to ensure all is well.
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Failing your response we will email you again on your work address and then attempt to phone you.
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Still no response, then we Carefully follow your instructions. (Just in case you are still good)
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We will require proof of passing and the persons identity confirmation to release any of the information.
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Please note we do not have access to your data, it is only revealed to whoever you have nominated.
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Legacy will instruct the storage provider to release the documents and videos.
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Cancel at any time by logging in and clicking cancel.

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